Living well with Diabetes

Please see following link for news about local exciting project on how we are working locally with colleagues to improve the care of patients with Diabetes.

 If you wish to have any advice about your Diabetes please contact our Nurse Practitioner Dawn Richards who has done extra training in Diabetes and can show you how to live well with Diabetes.


Lambeth Walk Group Practice Patient Participation group

It was great to see so many of you at our meeting. We are now thinking of holding a meeting in September and need your help on how we get our patients to attend A+E for the right reasons.Please start to get your ideas ready and we will send out a date soon. Dr Mitra

Dr. Mitra on Hay Fever

Spring is here and so many people start getting symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever is allergy to pollen. Common symptoms include a runny and itchy nose, blocked nose, sneezing, itchy and watery red eyes and an itchy throat.

Hay fever is diagnosed by the doctor or nurse taking a history of the typical symptoms of hay fever.

Common treatments include antihistamine nose spray, antihistamine tablets, steroid nose spray and eye drops. Your local pharmacist can supply these for you.

You can also limit your exposure to pollen by staying indoors and keeping windows and doors shut or by wearing wrap around sunglasses when you are out.

If things do not improve please call the surgery.

Dr. Mitra, Partner of Lambeth Walk Group Practice

The Lambeth Walk Group Practice Blog

Welcome to the Lambeth Walk Group Practice Blog!

Lambeth Walk Group Practice is a GP Surgery in London. The aim of this blog (web log) is to answer frequently asked health questions and to provide information on healthy living more generally. Our doctors and nurses will be writing most of the posts you see here. Each post will allow you to leave feedback in the comments section.

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